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C.6 System-wide configuration and settings

gdb can be configured to have a system-wide init file; this file will be read and executed at startup (see What gdb does during startup).

Here is the corresponding configure option:

Specify that the default location of the system-wide init file is file.

If gdb has been configured with the option --prefix=$prefix, it may be subject to relocation. Two possible cases:

If the configured location of the system-wide init file (as given by the --with-system-gdbinit option at configure time) is in the data-directory (as specified by --with-gdb-datadir at configure time) or in one of its subdirectories, then gdb will look for the system-wide init file in the directory specified by the --data-directory command-line option. Note that the system-wide init file is only read once, during gdb initialization. If the data-directory is changed after gdb has started with the set data-directory command, the file will not be reread.