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This module provides a collection of utilities for working with <gdb:type> objects.


     (use-modules (gdb types))
— Scheme Procedure: get-basic-type type

Return type with const and volatile qualifiers stripped, and with typedefs and C++ references converted to the underlying type.

C++ example:

          typedef const int const_int;
          const_int foo (3);
          const_int& foo_ref (foo);
          int main () { return 0; }

Then in gdb:

          (gdb) start
          (gdb) guile (use-modules (gdb) (gdb types))
          (gdb) guile (define foo-ref (parse-and-eval "foo_ref"))
          (gdb) guile (get-basic-type (value-type foo-ref))
— Scheme Procedure: type-has-field-deep? type field

Return #t if type, assumed to be a type with fields (e.g., a structure or union), has field field. Otherwise return #f. This searches baseclasses, whereas type-has-field? does not.

— Scheme Procedure: make-enum-hashtable enum-type

Return a Guile hash table produced from enum-type. Elements in the hash table are referenced with hashq-ref.