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A command is provided to list all Ada exceptions:

info exceptions
info exceptions regexp
The info exceptions command allows you to list all Ada exceptions defined within the program being debugged, as well as their addresses. With a regular expression, regexp, as argument, only those exceptions whose names match regexp are listed.

Below is a small example, showing how the command can be used, first without argument, and next with a regular expression passed as an argument.

     (gdb) info exceptions
     All defined Ada exceptions:
     constraint_error: 0x613da0
     program_error: 0x613d20
     storage_error: 0x613ce0
     tasking_error: 0x613ca0
     const.aint_global_e: 0x613b00
     (gdb) info exceptions const.aint
     All Ada exceptions matching regular expression "const.aint":
     constraint_error: 0x613da0
     const.aint_global_e: 0x613b00

It is also possible to ask gdb to stop your program's execution when an exception is raised. For more details, see Set Catchpoints.